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Ugly Scones and Whole Grain Gluten Free Biscuits

Ugly Scones and Whole Grain Biscuits Last week I promised a recipe for biscuits made from whole grain muffin mix.  This post shares not only the recipe, but the process, principles and failures involved in transforming this recipe to gluten free. I have bolded the principles to make it easier for you to find and remember them so you can apply them to your own baking. After I purchased the Tree Street Grains company and learned some of the secrets of 100% whole grain gluten free flours, I wanted to figure out a Bisquik type mix that would be whole grain and perform better than what is on the market.  I wondered if our Ancient Grain Muffin mix would work...

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How to Make Bread for Multiple Allergies or Kristy's Bread

A Guide to Making Bread for Multiple Food Allergies Or Kristy’s Bread By Laura Huffman, Founder of Vivian’s Live Again   Kristy is my pharmacist.  She and several family members have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which results in multiple food allergies.   She is allergic to most grains as well as eggs, milk, and soy, so she hasn’t eaten bread in years. Recently, I discovered an almost universal bread recipe that I was confident I could adapt to Kristy’s allergen list.  This recipe was successful and brought us both great joy. It is my desire to share it with allergy families everywhere.  It is nutritious, delicious and filling because it is whole grain. Below is the recipe for Kristy’s bread followed...

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100% Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread You Make Like Cake Mix

Adding whole grains to your diet can be difficult, but even more so for the gluten free.  Now it is possible to have 100% whole grain GF breads and muffins that are as easy to make as a cake mix with Vivian's Live Again Ancient Grain Muffin Mix.  Each mix produces 12 muffins or one loaf of bread.  Nine freshly ground grains and no preservatives give these muffins and bread moist texture, real flavor, and unparalleled nutrition.  The bread recipe and a BOGO coupon code are below.  100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Pour one package Vivian’s Live Again Ancient Grain Muffin Mix in bowl or mixer. Add: 2 ½ tsp dry active yeast 1 ½ C water 2...

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4 Secrets to Baking Great Gluten Free Bread

In the gluten free bread world, the description “good” is relative and the standard of good often deteriorates over time. Most come to accept that GF bread is not the same, focus their diets on other foods, and move on, but it does not have to be that way. Ok, I get that you don’t believe that. I’m sure each of you has been burned with such promises before, which is why we are putting our money where your mouth is. Last week, we discovered that our Ancient Grain Muffin mix also makes great tasting gluten free bread and is as simple to prepare as a cake mix. Because we use 9 different grains and don’t add any empty calorie...

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