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A Gluten and Dairy Free Decision

I decided I should go gluten/dairy free on a Saturday morning. I determined to begin on the following Monday. Monday dawned with me having taken no special preparation. I did have gluten free flour and my cream soup mixes, but they were the only specifically gluten free items I had on hand.

I was sure that there would be things that surprised me about living gluten free even though I know how to cook gf and read labels well. The first day breakfast was a snap. I had homemade almond milk left from my experiments for the blog. I had leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter and hash-browns in the freezer. I added a piece of fruit and my breakfast was complete. That wasn’t so bad.

Lunch time rolled around and I opened the fridge. No gluten free leftovers. Couldn’t eat cheese because I’m now dairy free too. Hadn’t made or purchased any gluten free bread for sandwiches. What was I going to eat? I ate a piece of fruit and a salad. I had some vinaigrette dressing, but it was not as nice as my favorite, Ranch. While those were nutritious foods, there was not much protein in them and I definitely did not feel satisfied.

I looked for something to make me feel full. Dessert perhaps? The cupboard held some lovely chocolate treats, but they have milk. Oh well. I guess I don’t have to feel satisfied at every meal. I did not eat again until dinner.

Dinner was easy to make gluten free. I had some sort of meat and rice dish.

My surprise on the first day was how much I use dairy to make me feel satisfied and full. Research shows that people who drink milk tend to be thinner. I totally get that. Without milk I felt like I was starving.

One day down, 27 more to go.

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