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4 Secrets to Baking Great Gluten Free Bread

In the gluten free bread world, the description “good” is relative and the standard of good often deteriorates over time. Most come to accept that GF bread is not the same, focus their diets on other foods, and move on, but it does not have to be that way. Ok, I get that you don’t believe that. I’m sure each of you has been burned with such promises before, which is why we are putting our money where your mouth is. Last week, we discovered that our Ancient Grain Muffin mix also makes great tasting gluten free bread and is as simple to prepare as a cake mix. Because we use 9 different grains and don’t add any empty calorie...

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Easy Ways to Add GF Whole Grains to Your Diet

It’s January. The holidays are over and every magazine you pick up has an article about goals or diets or exercise. If you’re like me, you read most of those articles and think, “Yeah, right.” We decided to share two simple ideas to add more whole grains to your diet that are so simple it feels like you didn’t change anything. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right.”Everyone needs more whole grains, right? Yes, but you need them more than gluten eaters. Gluten free flours are not fortified with B vitamins like wheat flour. GF diets tend to be low in fiber as well. Whole grains have lots of both of these nutrients plus important minerals. There are many good gluten free...

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Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free? Why is it in Everything?

What is Maltodextrin? Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide or literally interpreted, many sugars. When individual sugar molecules are hooked together they form polysaccharides. In other words, maltodextrin is starch, similar to cornstarch. Almost all of the native protein of the plant source is removed in the production process leaving only the starch. Maltodextrin is easily digested and therefore has a high glycemic index. Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free? The short answer is yes. Although maltodextrin can be produced from any high starch plant, it is predominately derived from corn, followed by potato and rice in the U.S. In non-GMO products, it is most often sourced from potato starch. Maltodextrin from wheat starch (common in Europe) must either be labeled showing a wheat...

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Gluten Free For Beginners

Vivian’s Live Again began around the idea that food and eating should be a great experience both in taste and social interaction. Often, social gatherings with food can make the Celiac sufferer or the cook for the event feel uneasy. These guidelines are designed to put the uneasy cook at ease. Share it with your friends and family to help them too. These suggestions can help families with some members that follow a gluten free diet and others who do not.   Clean and Simple Think “Clean and Simple” when cooking gluten free and half the battle is over. Before cooking gluten free, clean your kitchen well. Wipe down counters including corners that are often missed. Wipe the main preparation...

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