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Easy Gluten Free Bread from Ancient Grains Muffin Mix

Ancient Grain GF Bread

Welcome to this month’s super easy and delicious recipe. We focus on family friendly food that is gluten free. Recipes will often include directions to omit other allergens as needed. Stop by our Samples and Discounts section to get the ingredients for the recipe on sale.


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What Our Customers Say:

Gluten Free Bakery’s Customers Love GFDF Whipped Cream

I wanted to share with you how much we love the Vegan Whip Cream here at City Cakes. We make our Cream pies, serve it on our Vegan Hot Chocolate and ice cakes with your product. Our decorators love how easy it is to make and our customers love the taste. We sold out during the Thanksgiving holiday and will need to stock up for Christmas. Thank you so much!

Nanette Wessels  City Cakes & Cafe Inc. SLC, UT

Multigrain Flour Makes Kid Poop… Whipped Cream better Than Cool Whip

I used the multigrain flour for a cornbread, and it not only tasted good but made Grace poop as well . (Cause for celebration around here!) The soup mixes and the whipped topping – they were all great. The topping was a surprise; fake dairy is usually disgusting, honestly, except for some plain milks. The beginning color was dismaying, but during the whipping it lightened up so much. All 3 of us strongly preferred yours to Cool Whip, it tastes less chemicalish and has a creamier, richer texture (maybe mouthfeel is the word I want). And CW is milk-based. So, I say “Brava!”


Surprised You Just Add Water!

YES! It’s SO good!! It’s surprising. Not surprising that it’s good, but surprising that you just mix in water and it’s so good! I don’t get it! It’s just so good! Oh. Your tomato soup is so good. I don’t get it. It’s so good!


Amazing Tasting Gluten & Diary Free Foods

I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such amazingly tasting gluten, dairy free foods. Your foods have literally made my life so much easier and my kids are much healthier. All three of my kids have multiple autoimmune GI. Diseases and have to be all grain (gluten) and dairy free. Although I have a bachelors degree in nutrition, I have not been able to find foods that they actually like, until we tried yours at the gluten free expo in SLC. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that your family has developed such nutritious, great tasting food that even my super picky kids love. It has made such a difference in our family and I really wanted you to know how amazing your company is. Thank you!!